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Contract Cattle Services
PO Box 1046 Gardnerville, NV 89410
(775) 265-8858
In addition to being the Nevada/ California rep for  Black Maximizer bulls & semen I offer the following services and supply my own mounts.
    Gathering, Relief calving, Pasture doctoring, branding / pre-conditioning your calves and/or work your cows  & heat detection.

Summer pasture care for cow/calf pairs and yearling cattle starting at $1 per month per pair / head*

 Will train your crew to properly detect and handle hot cows for your artifical insemenation programs or do the detection and handling for you.

Wanting your cattle to handle easier? We can consult you on changes to make in your cattle handling facilities and handling methods. If your cattle are just plain hard to handle ask about our cattle handling clinics given to your crew on your ranch. These clinics are designed to teach your crew to handle your cattle in a way which will save you time and make you money by reducing money lost through shrink, injury and torn up facilities.
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*Price does not include antibiotics which will be billed on a per treatment basis.
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